Saturday, October 21, 2017

Change Is Coming

Running in the Fat Lane is now
The Tatted Runner

     I have thought long and hard (#) about this and I have come to the conclusion that my time as Running in the Fat Lane, has come to an end.  It is a bitter sweet feeling because it has been such a big part of my life the last 2-3 years, but I have decided to close this chapter of my life and look towards the future.  I was looking for a new moniker that easily expressed who I am in as few words as possible.  I have tattoos, I plan on getting quite a lot more and I run, so it was a no brainier.  To be honest, I was really surprised that The Tatted Runner was available in all social media aspects.

     I am not sure yet what or how this blog will change, I may get more active then I've been or I might just post as I feel like it, but either way, it has been a great sharing my weight loss struggles and triumphs with you all.

Thanks for reading!