Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 Glass City Marathon Race Recap Part 2

     Once we were all showered, dressed and ready to go, we hopped in the car and made out way over to the UT campus for the start of the race.  The temperature wasn't to terribly bad being in the high thirties since there was no wind to speak of.  With hardly any traffic on the roads we made really good time and got there early enough to get a pretty close up parking spot.  Mandy had a friend from work doing the 5K with her so we made plans to meet her at the expo hall at 6:30.  Once we met up with Annie we hung out in the expo hall to keep warm while I did a few light stretches and some warm up exercises.  With twenty minutes till race start we headed outside so I could get a couple light warmup laps and my dynamic stretches done.  When I was ready to go we snapped a couple pics and I attempted to find my place in the starting corals.

     This year was a growth year for the race as far as participants go, so when I tried to get in my assigned starting coral, it was so jam packed there was no room for me.  People were climbing over the bike rack barricades to get in and the provided doorways in were full and spilling out into the spectator area.  I ended up finding a small hole to get in to the coral ahead of mine, which worked out fine because I ended up running faster than I originally anticipated.  I was in the corals with about 5 minutes to spare before a couple of guest speakers said a few words and then the horn sounded and we were off.

     The race course quickly takes us off campus across a major road and into some of the nicest neighborhoods in Toledo.  What is nice about running through these neighborhoods is the fact that the community embraces the race and people come out of their homes to clap, cheer, hold signs or simply just to watch while not being upset with street closers or disrupting their daily routines.  

     Around mile 2 I started to have some GI issues and had some gas pressure building up that also was putting pressure on my bladder.  From that point till almost mile 7 or 8 I felt like I had to pee, which made me think maybe I should slowdown and maybe hit a port a potty.  I almost did when a runner a little bit ahead of me made a B-line right for it, so I decided to just press on.  Slowly I was able relieve the gas pressure (sorry runners who were behind me) and my need to pee subsided.  As the race went on I kept a close eye on my Garmin trying to maintain a steady pace, all while telling myself to run my own race and not worry about people passing me or me passing others.  I would have to remind myself that just because someone passed me doesn't mean I am slowing down and my Garmin confirmed that.  

     Through the first half of the race I was holding a steady pace between 8:10 and 8:15 so I thought if I felt good at the half way point I would slowly increase my speed and try to get a negative split for the second half.  Mile 7 I started to speed up and I must have hit a mini wall because I was feeling a little tired in mile 8 and struggled to even get an 8:15 pace.  I pushed through it and got back to around an 8:06 pace for miles 9-11.  At mile 10 they had a timing clock that read 1:21 on it when I passed and I quickly did the math in my head, three or four times to be sure, that if I held my pace I was going to hit a sub 1:50 time and even had a shot at a sub 1:45 time.  When I hit mile 12, which was mostly an up hill climb, I decided to not push to hard and save my legs for the last mile, so my paces plummeted to an 8:21.  Just before the last mile I looked at my time and thought If I want a sub 1:45 I need to get a move on, so I threw on some loud fast rock in roll and cranked up the pace to go as fast as I could without burning myself out too early.  Unfortunately I just didn't have enough time to do it, but I wasn't disappointed at all because I crushed the shit out of my PR by more than 12 minutes.

     After I crossed the line I got a water and my medal and met up with Mandy, who showed me her shinny new medal.  I was more proud of her for completing the race and getting the medal than I was of my new PR!  Mandy always said she doesn't like running and who knows if she ever will, but the fact that she got out there and did it was the best part of my day.  We took a few pictures and headed to the post race party to get some food and to relax.  The Glass City puts on a hell of a spread with fruit, pretzels, cookies, candy and my favorite Gino's pizza and bread sticks.  Of course the beer was flowing as well for those that like to partake in a nice cold one post race.  We sat out in the warm sun listening to Zak Ward's band play a few tunes while we enjoyed our little feast.  When we finished I stopped over to talk with Zak, we are buddies from high school and were in a band together for a few years before school and work took precedence and we had to call it quits.

     For me, other than the race organizers needing to reevaluate the starting line and corals for the growth in participants, I don't have anything else bad to say or to criticize about the race.  I can't speak to the full marathon, but for the half all the water stops, but one were fully staffed and well stocked with fluids, all the timing mats except for one had either a clock or someone there calling out times and the spectator support was great.  My two favorite parts of the entire race is the view of the University Bell Tower as your are coming down Drummond road (sorry no picture, I was trying to crush my PR) and the finish when you come through the gates of the UT Glass Bowl football stadium and run the finishing shoot on the 50 yard line.  

     We will see what next year brings, but I would really like to complete the trifecta and do the marathon next year, but we will see.  I want to give a big thank you to Amanda Kessler for asking me to be a race Ambassador for this year.  I had a lot of fun writing about it and to be asked to represent my hometown race was truly an honor.  I also want to thank friend and Race Director Clint McCormick for another wonderful Glass City Marathon event.  Even though this is only my third year participating in the event I have to say you and the other organizers are a class act providing Toledo with an event we can be proud of!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 Glass City Marathon Race Recap Part 1

     Saturday was expo day for the Glass City Marathon and because I had to work the expo as part of my ambassador duties so I took a vacation day from my normal job.  I didn't have to be to the expo until 12:30 so it was nice to sleep in and just relax in the morning with my wife.  Mandy and I were going out to a pre-race dinner with some friends about an hour after my shift was over so she graciously volunteered to work the expo with me.  

     We arrived on the campus of the University of Toledo and instantly we could tell the expo was packed.  We walked in and were immediately met by two volunteers asking us questions and directing us where we needed to go.   We headed right over to the info booth to meet the other ambassadors, volunteers and to get our instructions for the afternoon.  When the shift change happened, Mandy and I decided to relieve the "greeters" that welcomed us.  For racers to pick up their packets they needed their race bib numbers, so we were asking them if they new their numbers yet.  The ones that did we directed into the expo area and the ones that didn't we directed them over to the tables where the Racejoy app table was set up so they could look up their bib numbers.

     During our shift I saw a few people I recognize from other events around Toledo, my best friend's cousin who was running her first half marathon, but what really did it for me was when a reader stop to say hello.  This was the first time a reader of my blog has ever said something to me in person, and to hear someone who is fighting the same battle as I am say "I read your blog all the time and you are such an inspiration" just totally floored me.  In that moment I was consumed with such emotion I could hardly say anything and to be honest I can't remember exactly what was said, so if I didn't say it I wanted to say congrats on the weight loss and let him know that I really appreciated him saying hello.  What you have accomplished is amazing and you should be so proud!  Keep up the hard work and now I'll add, hope you had a great race on Sunday.  He had told me that he has lost over 185 pounds and thanked me for writing my blog.  Sorry I didn't get a picture with him, I wasn't really thinking clearly at that moment.  

***Warning, quick side note***

     I started this blog with the intentions of paying it forward for those that need the inspiration that I needed and got while I was loosing the weight.  In the digital age when people write to me or comment on Facebook it means a lot to me, but for the first time it truly became real to me when I shook the guys hand.  Nothing means more to me than knowing that I am able to help someone like the Fat to Finish Line crew did for me.   

***Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program***

     As the afternoon went on Mandy and I were getting a little tired and slap happy.  You start to go a little crazy when you say pretty much the same thing over and over for 4 straight hours, "hello, are you here for packet pick up?  Do you know your bib number yet? Great the entrance to the expo is right this way! or No, you'll need that to pick up your packet, so step over to these tables here where they can help you look that up."  When our shift ended we went to pick up our packets, look around at all the expo had to offer and then make our way to Perrysburg for dinner.

      We were going out to dinner with my friend Katie, who writes the blog Runs for Cookies, her husband Jerry and twenty or so of her friends and family who were running on 5-person relay teams together.  Katie's sister made reservations at a regionally known Italian restaurant chain call Biaggi's.  They have restaurants in 10 states, with most of their locations in Illinois.  I can't speak to other people's experiences, but mine and Mandy's was pretty darn good.  They had warm bread with olive oil to dip the bread in for snacking, which we gobbled up because we were starving.  For our main course I got spaghetti and meatballs which was wonderful and Mandy got lasagna and said she loved it.  It was so great catching up with everyone and nothing is better than getting to talk Star Wars, comic book movies, tv shows and RedWings hockey with Jerry.  

     It was getting late and the dogs had been alone almost all day so we wanted to get home and play with them so we could get them tired out before bed, so we said our goodbyes and headed home.  Mandy and I got our clothes laid out and I got all my tech gear ready for the morning.  Thankfully the dogs settled down and we were able to get to bed at a decent time, considering we had to be up at 4:30am so we could be out the door by 5:15am.  Wow, can you believe I use to hate getting up early and could sleep till one in the afternoon like it was no big deal.

     The exciting conclusion of Running in the Fat lane's 
2015 Glass City Marathon Race Recap, next time!  
Same fat time, same fat channel! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Where Will You Be Carbo Loading Before The GCM?

     We have all been told that carbo loading is the preferred nutrition for your pre race meal, well if you are planning on making carbs your meal before the race, here are a few locals and a few national chains for you to get your pasta fix at.

Mancy’s Italian Grille – 5.2 miles away from UT’s campus
Calvino’s Restaurant – 2.1 miles away from UT’s campus
BRAVO! Cucina Italiana – 3.9 miles away from UT’s campus
Olive Garden  – 4.2 miles away from UT’s campus
     Of course Olive Garden would be on this list, it may be a chain, but I have always had a good meal when I've eaten here.
La Scola Italian Grill – 5.4 miles away from UT’s campus
Zia’s – 5.5 miles away from UT’s campus
Rosie’s Italian Grille – 6.7 miles away from UT’s campus
Spaghetti Warehouse – 4.3 miles away from UT’s campus
     I haven't eaten here in a long long time, so I can't give you a current review, but it has "spaghetti" in the name so of course it was going to make the list.
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano – 15.2 miles away from UT’s  campus
     Located at a beautiful outdoor shopping mall in my hometown of Perrysburg, a suburb of Toledo.  This is where Mandy and myself will be dinning out Saturday evening with some other friend who will be running the various events this weekend.

     Good luck to everyone on Sunday and I hope to see you all at the expo!  I will be working the info booth located just outside the entrance of the expo from 12:30-4pm so stop by and say hello! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

GCM Live Race Day Runner Tracking

Live Race Day Runner Tracking

Glass City Marathon is a Featured Race in RaceJoy — Download the RaceJoy App to Receive Progress Alerts, Instant Results, Live Phone Tracking, and More

Racejoy AppWith the mobile Glass City Marathon app you can experience: you can fully experience the race. Share RaceJoy with your friends and family and ask them to sign in as a spectator. If you carry your phone, they can track you live and send you audio cheer clips. The Glass City Marathon is once again offering participants and spectators an innovative race day experience with the RaceJoy mobile App. With the App, you can find key information about the race weekend, including bib numbers; schedules; FAQs; places of interest; course maps; race news; etc. We are also offering real-time information, like progress alerts as you cross timing points on the course; and scored results within moments of crossing the finish line. You can have your progress posted automatically to Facebook and Twitter while you are doing the race. Your supporters and spectators simply need to tap the “Timing” button in RaceJoy. There is no charge for them to track your official race progress.
If you carry your phone and want to increase your Glass City Marathon experience, you can do live phone tracking and cheer sending by tapping the “PhoneTrak” button and purchasing the 99cents App upgrade. Spectators can also purchase the upgrade and track you live on a course map, send you cheers and get “NearMe” alerts as you get closer to them. Note: These upgrade features require you to activate tracking in the App within 30 minutes of the race start time.
After the race, you can go to the “Buzz” area in RaceJoy to review your progress alerts and replay any cheers sent to you.

Download RaceJoy & Access Glass City Marathon Today

Note: Please see RaceJoy’s website for further information and important Apple phone settings.
Racejoy App

There is no need to carry your phone for these features since they are based on your bib tag. — See How it Works!

Download Racejoy App for Android Devices Download Racejoy App for Android Devices
  • Convenient Bib Look Up
  • Instant Results
  • Progress Alerts to friends and Family
  • Automatic Facebook Posts
  • Key Race Information
  • Live tracking, Send-a-Cheer in Phone Fun (upgrade features)

See how the Racejoy App works
See how the Racejoy App works

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Glass City Marathon - Race Weekend Info - Part 2

     As promised, here is the rest of all the valuable race weekend info for the Glass City Marathon!

Bib Numbers and Corral Assignments

Your Bib number is your ticket to everything. You can lookup your BIB number in the RaceJoy app now, or at the expo when you first walk in. This should be your first stop before entering the Expo main floor. If you forget though, don't worry; we have our Girls on the Run volunteers roaming with mobile devices to help you look up your BIB.

When you pick it up at the Expo, confirm everything is accurate -- age, gender, event. This will provide you with access to your starting corral, integrated timing chip, food tent, and includes your beer tickets.
  • All participants will be assigned to a specific Start Corral (Elite, Corral A, B, C, D, Open).
  • Your BIB will identify your corral assignment and is assigned by your estimated finish time.
  • All Start Corrals start at 7:02am. NO WAVE START.
  • Enlarge Graphic
Finisher Medal Engraving

The Glass City Marathon has partnered with Finish Line Engravers to offer Marathon and Half Marathon finishers the opportunity to have their name and chip time engraved on our cool finishers medals while you wait.

Celebrate your passion, perseverance, and personal success on event day by personalizing your award in the Finish Line Celebration area.

Cost is $10 for name and chip time, $5 additional for customizing. You can purchase the day of the event with cash or credit card. 

Bag Drop

Goodwill of NW Ohio will be hosting our bag drop again this year. The location will be in lot 6, just East of the starting line. For security reasons, do not drop off duffle bags, back packs, or bags that are difficult to search. 

Discarded clothing:
Any clothing discarded on the course is considered a donation and will be collected by our Goodwill volunteers. Please help keep the course clean and discard at water stops if necessary.

Post Race Activities

Wear your finisher medal around Toledo and get rewarded. The minor league baseball team, the Toledo Mud Hens, are at home and providing GCM finishers with discounted rates for both Saturday and Sunday games. Purchase online with coupon code GCM, or show up to the ticket office with your finisher medal for $10 tickets.

Relay Team Instructions

2015 is the largest year for team relays with 300 teams. With 1500 runners making up these teams, traveling from exchange point to exchange point can be challenging especially with closed roads. Use this instruction set to help you get where you need to when you need to.


Tracking Runners:
Timing mats have been arranged this year to be coordinated with the exchange zones. You can track your runners using the RaceJoy app and is highly recommended to follow your runners through the event.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Glass City Marathon - Race Weekend Info - Part 1

     Race day is almost here for the Glass City Marathon and as a 2015 race ambassador I wanted to pass along all the detailed info that will allow anyone who is running or spectating to have a great race weekend experience.  Part two of this detailed list will be posted tomorrow so keep an eye out for that.  To all who are running, good luck and have a great race!

 Race Day Parking

Parking for a major event can be stressful, but if you plan to arrive early and use the maps and parking tips provided, your race day will start smoothly. Review our parking page and plan your parking location in advance.

Road Closures
Road Closures and controlled traffic in Toledo at Race start:
**University Hills & Bancroft - closed from 6:15am to 11:00am
**Secor Road from Kenwood to Bancroft closed from 6:45am to 11:00am
**Bancroft from Secor to University Hills closed 6:15am to 11:00am
Kenwood & Drummond closed 6:45am to 9:00am
Kenwood & Secor closed 6:45am to 11:00am
Brantford from Secor to Drummond closed from 7am to 11:00am

Ottawa Hills, some roads closed and highly congested, Bancroft Rd closed:
Kenwood from Secor to Ottawa Hills HS closed from 7 am to 8:00am
Indian Rd from Brantford to Talmadge will be closed from 7am to 8:30am
Various Rds within Ottawa Hills from Talmadge to Exmoor, controlled traffic from 7am to 8:00am
**Exmoor in Ottawa Hills to the Main Entrance of Wildwood on Central will be congested Controlled traffic, avoid 7:15am to 9:00am
**Central Ave from Reynolds to Corey Road will be congested, controlled traffic avoid from 7:15am - 12:30pm.

In Sylvania, the roads will be open, but very congested with controlled traffic:
King Rd between Brint and Central Ave. controlled traffic, avoid 8:00 to 11:00am
Intersection of Sylvania and King controlled traffic avoid 8:00am to 11:00am
Intersection of King and Brint controlled traffic avoid 8:00am to 11:00am
Convent Blvd near Lourdes controlled traffic avoid 8:00am and 11:00am
Vicksburg closed from 8am to 11am
Olander Park and Tam O Shanter will be congested from 8am to 11am
Entrance to Olander will be closed from 8am to 11am
Sylvania Avenue from Olander Park to Corey Rd, lane restrictions in place, avoid, 8:15 to 11:30am
Sylvania Avenue and McCord controlled traffic avoid 8:15am to 11:30am

Heading back into Toledo, Corey Rd Closed, Corey exit closed:
**Corey between Sylvania and Central - closed 8:15am to 12:30pm
**Corey exit from I475 closed from 8:15am to 12:30pm
**Bancroft and University Parks Trail cannot cross trail 7:45am to 12:30pm
**Richards at University Parks Trail cannot cross trail 7:45am to 12:30pm

Water Stop Locations

We offer plenty of water stops to keep you hydrated as well at offering nutrition as several stops. Plan your race by knowing where the Gu and Oranges are as well as Gatorade and Vaseline. The half marathon will share the first  6 water stops as the marathon, then two more around mile 9 and 11.

The 5K will offer one stop at mile 1.6.

Marathon and Relay water stops:

Water Stop #MileMarkWaterGatoradeGuOrangesVaselinePort-a-John















Meet Your Pacers

The Glass City Marathon offers pacers in both the marathon and the half marathon, sponsored by Dave's Running. Many of them will be available to talk with you at the expo from 10-6. Make sure to stop by and say hi! Check out their profiles on our site -->> PACER PROFILES

Marathon Pacers & Times
3:15 → Johathon Bolha & Brian Post
3:25 → Taylor Corbett
3:35 → Ben Scott & JP Miller
3:40 → Scott Perkins & David Seeley
3:55 → Aaron Stanley & Matt Wittenberg
4:10 → Chris Smith & Paul Carringer
4:25 → Jody Stanley & Dan Robinson
4:40 → Marie Bartoletti & Vince Connor
4:55 → Ken Fattmann & Stephanie Yon

Half Marathon Pacers & Times
1:30 → Rachel Kinsman
1:40 → Jay Layshock
1:50 → Gordon Greenland
2:00 → Dan Reisner
2:10 → Arya Jayatilaka
2:20 → John Rosatti

Race Course Maps

CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF of the Glass City Marathon race map

CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF of all five maps for the Glass City 5 Person Marathon Relay

CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF of the Owens Corning Half Marathon race map

CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF of the 5K race map

If you would rather have the maps right on your smart phone than never fear, the Racejoy App is here!

Note: Please see RaceJoy’s website for further information and important Apple phone settings.

Download Racejoy App for Android Devices Download Racejoy App for Android Devices

Racejoy App

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Week Out from the Glass City Marathon

    We are just 8 days out from the running of the Glass City Marathon, 5 person Marathon Relay, Owens Corning Half Marathon and the 5K and I can't wait.  I am hoping, praying and crossing all my fingers and toes that the weather will cooperate and make for a great morning.  For those of you that may have questions about the event here is a link to the Glass City Marathon's Frequently Asked Questions page. (CLICK HERE)  This page will give you all the info you will need to be ready for race day.  If you have a question that just isn't answered via the FAQs page then while at the expo hit up the info booth and we will get you the answers you require.  

Health & Wellness Expo

     The Expo and Packet Pickup will take place on Saturday April 25, 2015 in the Savage Hall Sports Arena on the Campus of The University of Toledo. The Expo will serve as the pick-up location for Race numbers, t-shirts and Goodie Bags for the participants.

Free Admission — Open to the Public

  • Over 40 Vendors
  • Purchase Official Merchandise
  • Late Registration (for events with open fields)
Date: Saturday, April 25, 2015
Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Savage Hall Arena, University of Toledo
2801 West Bancroft, Toledo, Ohio 43606


Special Late Packet Pickup

Date: Sunday, April 26, 2015
Hours: 5:30am – 6:30am
Location: Savage Hall Arena

     If you have ever wanted to know what your body composition is made up of, well at the Health and Wellness expo you can!  Read below for additional information and click on the register now link below to get signed up.

The BOD POD Returns to the Glass City Health & Wellness Expo

Tests will be available at the expo for those who come prepared with proper apparel and $20.
The BOD POD — University of ToledoThe University of Toledo’s Department of Kinesiology offers BodPod Assessments for a fee of $20.00. Individuals must wear a cap that is provided at the time of the test, as well as a tight fitting bathing suit or spandex type shorts. Tests will be available at the expo for those who come prepared with proper apparel. For those interested in having their resting metabolic rate directly measured using indirect calorimetry, for a fee of $50.00, an appointment can be made with Barry Scheuermann PhD, Associate Professor Chair, Department of Kinesiology, Director, Cardiopulmonary and Metabolism Research Laboratory at 419-530-2692. This test takes about 60 to 90 minutes.
“The BOD POD Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System is an Air Displacement Plethysmograph which uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) in adults and children. It is a complete turnkey system based on the same gold standard operating principle as hydrostatic (or “underwater”) weighing, except that the BOD POD uses patented Air Displacement Plethysmography, instead of water, for highly accurate, fast, and safe results. The BOD POD also offers information on Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) as an optional component of every body composition test.” This data is provided without requiring the subject to perform any additional testing maneuvers, and a complete assessment requires only about 15 minutes.
The roomy interior of the BOD POD accommodates a wide variety of human shapes and sizes, including those up to 7 feet tall and 550 pounds. This is because the unique egg-shaped design of the BOD POD maximizes interior space. This is why the BOD POD is used routinely for testing such a wide variety of subjects, including professional/collegiate athletes and sumo wrestlers! It’s also the exclusive body composition testing method of the NFL Scouting Combine. It can be used with most subject types, including special populations such as children, the elderly, the obese, and those with physical disabilities.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hell Of A 3rd Run-aversary

     Today turned out to be one hell of a day to celebrate my 3rd Run-aversary.  The Run the Res 5K was the first ever race I participated in and so I use it as my running anniversary.  This was the 6th year for the race and the third that I had participated in.  The race features a 5K and 10K distance that circles around the charming reservoir in Fostoria.  

     The day started out waking up to a beautiful cloudless sunny morning.  I wasn't feeling my best yesterday so I decided to skip my run and if I was feeling better I would do a few miles in the morning before my race.  Well I was feeling much better with the extra sleep I got so I suited up and headed out for 4 miles close to my half marathon race pace.  After I finished my run I sat down and ate, jumped in the shower and got dressed for the race.

     Once Mandy and I got to the park I headed over to packet pick up and get warmed up for the race.  It has become a tradition now that Mandy takes a picture in roughly the same spot as kind of a yearly comparison.  Below is all three years prior to the start of each race:

     Before the race began Mandy asked me what I was thinking about running, time wise.  I wasn't really sure, I didn't think I had it in me to get a new PR for the distance, but I thought I could at least PR the event.  The 5K and 10K races start together and at the 2.25 mile mark they split left and right to an out and back section before finishing back at where we started from.  Once the race started I was feeling really good and was surprised to see I was hanging in the top 15 of all the runners.  I was holding around a 7:12 pace when we hit the first mile when a guy passed me and the lady a few feet in front of me.  I pushed a little harder and tucked in behind him, trying to stay with him.  I keep wondering now if I could have pushed myself harder at this point, but when I was running I kept thinking I didn't want to burn myself out to early. 

     I came around the corner and saw Mandy there taking my picture and gave me a high 5 as I passed by.  I headed up the small hill, where we split off from the 10K runners, still behind the same guy, but a few more steps behind.  As we started down the hill I noticed a young lady in front of both of us maybe 25 yards or so, but what I didn't see was anyone else in front of her or anyone already making the return trip.  It was at that moment I realized that I was currently in third place and couldn't believe it.  The guy in front of me and I made up ground on the front runner and almost immediately after making the turnaround we both past her.  At this point in the race I was about 10 yards behind in 2nd place when we started the climb back up the hill.  Once we hit the top and started our way down, I used gravity as much as possible was able to be right on his heels.  Just as we hit the 2.8 mile mark I decided to pour it on and make my move, hoping I had enough to hold him off.  I glanced back when my watch beeped the 3 mile mark and I didn't see him, I had to look again and sure as shit he was nowhere in sight.

     I came flying in to a bunch of volunteers that clapped and congratulated me for not only winning the 5K, but being the first runner back from either races.  Mandy came up to me saying "you won, you won babe!"  She later told me that while she was waiting for me a volunteer said "here comes the first runner back" and when she turned around she was stunned to see it was me and fumbled with her phone and wasn't able to get a pic of me.  To be honest I am still in shock that I won, and I think I did because all the guys that were ahead of me were running the 10K, but I am not going to let that tarnish my race. 

     We waited around to see the official results and for the prizes to be awarded.  According to the official results I finished in 22:20 which was one second faster than my current 5K PR, so needless to say this was one hell of a day.  Here are a few other pictures from today's race.