Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Boston and Running Out Of Town

     I was driving to work yesterday thinking about my latest work trip to Boston when the genesis for this post hit me.  Running has allowed me to experience a city more than I ever would have if I wasn't a runner.  When I look at my trip to Boston as a whole, if I wasn't a runner I wouldn't have seen more than my hotel, the convention center and the couple of blocks we walked to a restaurant for dinner.  I know this was a work trip and NOT a vacation so I didn't expect to spend any time "site seeing", but when you are a runner all things are possible. 

     A city like Boston with so much history I was able to experience some of it, when most everyone one else is still dreaming with bags of feathers beneath their heads.  On day one I was able to visit the Marathon finish line and site of the bombings.  While out on my run I came across a statue of Edgar Allan Poe and I even got a little lost and wound up in their section of Chinatown.  Day two I ran by the Boston Tea Party museum, found a statue of Paul Revere statue and house, and ran around an area with narrow cobblestone streets just like they were back when horse and buggy was the main mode of transportation.  


     It was a fun adventure that I wouldn't have been able to do if I didn't run.  With this new found freedom I was able to run in Milwaukee, Nashville, San Antonio, and Las Vegas.  Running also took me to Southern California with my Ragnar team, and even though I was recovering from my hip surgery I was able to get out to see Phoenix and the surrounding area.

     Here are few tips if you plan on running in a city you are not familiar with.

1.  Contact someone who knows - Before every trip I hop online and take a look at where my hotel is located with google maps.  Then look for running shoe stores around that area and either call them or email them.  I tell them when I will be in town, the hotel I am staying at and the estimated time when I would be out running and ask them if they can recommend any safe areas to run.  

2.  Plan your runs - once I get info from the locals I use google maps to look for any historic or interesting things to see while in town that may be in those safe areas that were recommended to me.

3.  If you are traveling with others and they don't run, let them know you will be out running early - having someone that would expect you at a certain time in the morning will know something is wrong if you don't show up on time.

4.  Local Laws - check local laws if you plan on carrying anything more than your fists to protect yourself, you'll want to know.  Also check about J walking and other local laws you may unknowingly break.

5.  Prepare for weather - Check the weather before you leave so you can take the proper gear.  While it may be sunny and 65 where you are, it could be 100 and rainy or 30 and snowy where you are going.

6.  Take your phone, ID and some cash - Of course you'll want to take pictures on your runs, but if you have an emergency you'll want to call for help.  You never know when you'll need to prove who you are so take your ID and cash is a must because you never know when you could get injured and a cab could be your savior to get you back to your hotel.

Here are a few pictures from some of my sights while out, burning up the road. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

GCM Registration Almost Here!

     The early bird registration for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon race weekend is almost here.  If you are looking to qualify for Boston, run your very first Marathon or you are a seasoned veteran then this flat and fast course is just what you are looking for!  

     This event weekend offers racing distances of 26.2, 26.2 relay, 13.1, and 3.1, along with some great race swag.
  • Short-Sleeve Technical Shirt (guaranteed thru 3/15 only)
  • Pacing Service for Marathoners
  • Marathon Exposition
  • Commemorative Finisher’s Glass Mug
  • Commemorative Finisher’s Keepsake Medallion
  • Chip Timing Services
  • Finishers Certificate
  • Results Book (mailed after the event)
  • Post Race Massage
  • Entrance into the Post Race Party
  • Registration & Packet Pick-Up

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon

YARK Subaru 5-Person Relay Marathon

Owens Corning Half Marathon

Medical Mutual Glass City 5k

Monday, August 8, 2016

Obsess Much

     This post is completely different than what it was a few days ago.  I had wrote this long diatribe about how I have been so pissed at myself for not loosing the 10 pounds that I am over goal.  I have lost sight of all the positives in my life and stopped thinking about how great it is that I am 183 pounds and not 317 pounds.  I have finally realized I am obsessing over the wrong things.  Yes I need to remember this is a struggle and I have to keep focus or I could ruin all I have worked for, but honestly who gives a fuck about ten pounds.  I sure as hell don't want to anymore.  

     Instead of living in "the glass is half empty" side of things I am going to write a bunch of "the glass is half full" stuff and try to concentrate about the positives of my situation.  The obvious one was the hard work and dedication I have put into changing my life and not being a victim to it anymore.  A painful injury sidelined me for months, caused me to need surgery and rehab and I was able to maintain my weight loss with my diet.  The old Dean would have just given up and slid back into his old habits.  I ate a really, really, REALLY good cookie and managed to be satisfied with it.  The old Dean would have obsessed and looked for every way to get more.  

     There are plenty others I am sure, but after I weighed in today I came to the realization that I can't let that three digit number on the scale control my life.  For example a couple of weeks ago I had been doing quite a bit of running and my weekly mileage had increased to almost pre injury numbers.  When I weighed, not only did I not lose any, I gained weight and it pissed me off to know end.  All I could think about is why nothing was happening.  Before surgery, the running did the trick and now nothing was happening and today, after not running for almost two weeks because of my back I lost 3 pounds.  (Quick side not because I haven't written much in awhile, I hurt my lower back will working on my motorcycle and it has been really painful.  Today was the first day I have felt like running in almost two weeks.)  There are so many things that can affect this number that I almost don't care anymore.  To be honest, I could lose at least 15 pounds right now if I had a surgery to remove a lot of the loose skin around my mid section.  My body might be telling me, I good with were we are, just keep doing what you are doing, so I am going to listen.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Meet Your 2017 GCM Ambassador Team

     Ever since I ran the 5K at the Glass City Marathon event in 2013 I was hooked.  I thought to myself if they can put on such a great event for those of us running 3.1 miles, I bet they do an incredible job with 26.2.  In 2015 and 2016 I was honored to be able to be a race ambassador and represent my hometown race and spread the word about this amazing event.  Well I am humbled and honored to say that I have been asked to return and represent our race with an incredible line up of ambassadors.

     While most of you are starting to ramp up your mileage for your fall race goals please keep in mind that we are just shy of 9 months away from the start of the 41st Mercy Health Glass City Marathon on April 23, 2017.

     So to kick things off I wanted to introduce you to my fellow Ambassadors.  We have a great group with a wide range experiences in this sport we love so much.  I can't wait to follow them and get to know them over these next nine months leading up to race day.  Click on their links below to start following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their personal blogs.

Amanda Schwartz

Sarah Speer

Lisa Willford
Tech Chick Adventures

Krista Balwinski

Brian Hackenburg

Renee Small

Jen Govender