First Marathon

First Marathon Training Journal    

OCTOBER 19th 2014

     This is the story, yes another one, of a first time marathoner.  I found these types of stories very helpful to me so I thought I would share my journey as well.  Not only for others to read, learn from and hopefully enjoy, but to have a written record of my first marathon.  A first marathon is a big deal in a runners life so this is my way of keeping the memory alive for years to come.  All posts associated with this marathon will be listed and linked below.  Thanks for stopping by and following along for all the highs and lows of my adventure.

6/13/14  Overview & Why
6/16/14  About the Race 
6/23/14  My Goals 
7/6/14    And Here We Go
7/13/14  Week 1 Recap 
7/21/14  Week 2 Recap
7/27/14  Week 3 Recap   
8/3/14    Week 4 Recap  
8/10/14  Week 5 Recap  
8/17/14  Week 6 Recap  
8/24/14  Week 7 Recap 
8/31/14  Week 8 Recap 
9/7/14    Week 9 Recap
9/14/14  Week 10 Recap
9/21/14  Week 11 Recap 
9/28/14 Week 12 Recap
10/5/14 Week 13 Recap
10/12/14 Week 14 Recap
10/16/14 Week 15 Recap 
10/17/14 Race Preview 
10/22/14 Race Recap
10/23/14 Final Thoughts



  1. Looking forward to watching your progress and training. A marathon is a long way off for me but always a goal. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello! I was introduced to you and your story through your interview on the Half Size Me show! I just finished reading through the journey of your first marathon and wanted to say thank you for sharing! Reading your experience was very inspiring and insightful! I'm about to run my first half-marathon (Indianapolis 500 Mini), with the ultimate hope of completing a marathon! Reading through your experience has brought me one step closer to believing I can do it too! Keep up the awesome work!! Amanda