Saturday, May 6, 2017

Reverse Course

     I have had plenty change in my life lately, but one of which I am not to happy with at all.  I have been avoiding the scale mostly because I couldn't face to see how far I had fallen in recent months.  It has been easier and easier for me to give into temptation, combined with the lack of any continuity in my daily routine and not having any portion control.  While most if not all would look at me in my current state and not see a fat person, inside that is what I feel like.  I just don't feel comfortable in my body right now and after seeing my group photo with all my co-ambassadors for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon I realized I just wasn't happy with myself anymore.

     With the thought that no matter what it is going to say I have to do something and reverse my course.  As you can see below I have allowed a little over 14 pounds of my history to creep back into my life.  So how do I fix it?  Go with what you know works.  I looked back at my food journal from a couple years ago and made changes to my current grocery list and I've refocused my efforts to measure out and log everything I put in my mouth.  Goal weight of 173 here we come! 


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